Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Berocca: Staying Sharp in Boston

There are certain products that you just can't live without. One of those for me is Berocca (berocca.co.uk/). Discovered last month while staying with friends in Zurich, I am hooked on Bayer's multivitamin and mineral supplement. What is Berocca exactly? The effervescent tablet, containing B vitamins, vitamin C, essential minerals, magnesium and zinc, has been around in Switzerland since the '60s. Smart Swiss.

Throw out the Red Bull! Berocca is good for you and tastes good too. I can't imagine a morning without it. Pour some water in a glass and add the tablet, and you have a tasty orange-flavored drink. Helps you stay alert the whole day! Lovin' it. You can order online or fly to Switzerland.

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Anna said...

Berocca is the best! I buy packs of it when I'm in London. Also take it when you feel a cold coming on.