Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nespresso in Boston: Wake Up!

As I was dropping my berocca in the water-filled glass this morning, I suddenly remembered that I must share my second morning ritual: a nespresso coffee. I owe this discovery (along with berocca) to my brilliant Swiss friends who have all the necessities of life in their kitchen.

Nespresso coffee is not just any coffee. It is simply delicious. It is how coffee should taste! One sip and you imagine yourself sitting on a piazza in Milan or an outside cafe in Vienna (with or without George Clooney--the spokesman for Nespresso--by your side). Silky smooth and so aromatic. You can order the machine and capsules (one click!) online: nespresso.com/. And you are not limited to one taste or one intensity. I ordered the 250 capsule set and love to match the capsule to my mood-of-the-moment. There are 12 blends to choose from. My favorite are vivalto and capriccio.

I have the Essenza machine but there is an array to choose from as well. They are not cumbersome machines either. The Essenza is compact and minimalist in design. Perfect for even a small kitchen. For a fancier touch, you can buy the automatic frother and wow your guests with a cappuccino or latte. Who needs Starbucks?

So go ahead and invest in a Nespresso machine and hear yourself go, "mmm!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm convinced! I promptly put the nespresso on my wedding registry.