Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clarins Cosmetics: Self-Bronzed & Cellulite-Free in Boston

As one of three girls, I have always been obsessed with products. Cosmetics. I am thrilled when new beauty products come out on the market. My sisters and I love to compare our findings. Working for Clarins (us.clarins.com/) at their Travel Retail Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland after graduating from college was an ideal "job." As one of the employee perks, Clarins generously allowed us to try out all the latest cosmetic launches. To this day, I am loyal to a few favorite products that I would love to share with all the Boston cosmetic-philes (not just women, guys!).

The number one Clarins beauty product on my list is without contest: Total Body Lift (us.clarins.com/main.cfm?prodID=556). I cannot put in words how incredible this contouring / firming product is. I have to this day never found a competitor. Hands down! The texture is light, smooth and cooling. The smell is fresh. And it works! It certainly helps reduce the appearance (no, it doesn't eat away the cellulite) of your legs. You will love it. I have converted countless friends to this Clarins bye-bye cellulite ritual!

My second favorite Clarins cosmetic is the self-tanner. It is natural and bronze. How is that possible you may ask? It just works. Everyone always asks, where did you go to achieve such a lovely tan? Well, there are 3 different Clarins self-tanning products that you are sure to love (at least one). The first is the Liquid Bronze Self Tanning (us.clarins.com/main.cfm?prodID=560). I would use this ultra-light liquid for a touch-of-sun-from Red Sox Game-look. The second choice is the Sheer Bronze Self Tanning Hydrating Gel
(us.clarins.com/main.cfm?prodID=466). This is the one I am currently in love with. It is for the face and smells great. The texture is also very smooth and you can always build on applications to achieve a more bronze look. The latest arrival is very exciting: Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint (us.clarins.com/main.cfm?prodID=838). The name says it all. It just hit stores. What are you waiting for? Run to the closest Sephora or favorite department store. Stop dreaming!


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