Monday, May 14, 2007

Insolia: Boston Pot-Holes Pain-Free

Apparently it requires rocket science to figure out that a woman doesn't have to struggle down the rough Boston streets--either in her Jimmy Choos or DSWs. I rushed down to a nearby CVS to buy my first pair of Insolia inserts ( and wanted to share with suffering Bostonians who can't bear the pain of high heels. You know the feeling, right? A forced smile although you are suffering 100% in those sexy shoes.

I did a test drive with my highest heels and walked the pot-holed streets of Boston. I couldn't believe how much the Insolia inserts help. It was almost as if I were wearing my favorite naturalizers. Insolia works by shifting the weight off of the ball of your foot to a more balanced position towards the heel. However it works, it works! So before CVS runs outs of your size, go out and pay the $10 to save your precious tootsies...

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